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Black Friday KLH HT-60 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker System

List Price: $279.99
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KLH HT-60 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker System

>>> Only Visit store to see price Shop Now! KLH was founded in 1957 with one goal - producing superior quality hi-fi loudspeakers at affordable prices. Remember the industry legends of Henry Kloss, Malcolm Lowe, and J. Anton Hoffman? You can find them in the letters "KLH" (Kloss, Lowe, Hoffman)! KLH quickly grew to become a legend in its own right, leading the audio industry with innovative technology, products and high levels of performance previously reserved for only the more affluent audio enthusiast. For over four decades, KLH has been the benchmark for superb sound quality and equally important, outstanding value!KLH has put everything in one box...including high performance! The company presents the most advanced line of home theater-in-a-box combinations it has ever developed! This combination includes one pair of front, a pair of rear channel satellite speakers and a center channel. All speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent unwanted distortions from stray magnetic fields.

  • 6-piece home theater speaker system
  • Pair of front- and pair of rear-channel satellite speakers
  • Center-channel speaker and passive subwoofer
  • Video shielded
  • Tuned-bandpass enclosures

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